I went here because a co-worker of mine recommended your office to me. I’m very glad I listened, because everyone was very friendly and professional, and actually paid attention to what I had to say. We all had quite a few laughs, which made it that much better. O’loughlin Dental will be my new dental office to go to. Thanks to everyone for making it so comfortable to go to.
— Gregory K

ALL of the staff were very friendly, personable, and professional, Then did a great job making my children feel comfortable and less anxious. We were in and out for a cleaning in less than an hour. Great office, highly recommended!
— Emily

Amazing and friendly. Took all my fear of being at the dentist away.
— Anonymous

The service was really great. Came in as an emergency and left with a new crown. Everyone works together so well and they treat their patients with such respect. So glad I came and will make this my regular dental practice.
— Jan C.

The staff is really nice and friendly. They take the fear out of going to the dentist.
— Chris W.

That’s neat how the x-rays show up on the screen so quick.
— J. Walls

Great service and friendly staff.
— Beth H.

The dentist and staff is so nice and friendly. Also, everyone calls you by name.
— D. M.

Being new to Moberly, Dr. O’Loughlin and his staff have helped me feel welcome and comfortable in my new surroundings. They have been very attentive to my needs and scheduled my appointments as soon as possible!!
— Cindy S.

I would like to say that I am very pleased with Dr. O’Loughlin and his staff. I had to have a partial and it was a great experience for me to have teeth again! Very pleased, thank you all! I would recommend him to everyone!!
— Charlotte S.

I enjoy coming to O’Loughlin Dental. The staff is AWESOME!! I always feel welcome and part of the family. I love my smile now, thank you O’Loughlin Dental!!
— Dawn D.

For someone who is not a fan of going to the dentist, Dr. O’Loughlin and his staff put me at ease while being there! They all work great together to get you done in a timely manner. Definitely would recommend them for anyone who is looking for a good dental office. Thanks guys!
— Ashley M

I love O’Loughlin Dental!! They got my business when my oldest son got his front tooth knocked out and his dentist couldn’t fit him in. O’Loughlin made room and fixed his tooth that morning!! Since then, my whole family goes to O’Loughlin Dental. All the staff goes above and beyond to make us all fee like family!!
— Deborah W.

My son has always had a problem going to the dentist but since coming here to O’Loughlin Dental, he has had only good experiences as everyone there has made him feel very comfortable. The office is very friendly and welcoming. I recommend all my friends and family to come here.
— Jill R.

I didn’t want to admit that I had not been to the dentist in years. But after bringing my three children regularly to O’Loughlin Dental and seeing the great care they gave to my children I finally made myself an appointment. Thanks to O’Loughlin Dental I now have a healthy, beautiful smile.
— Tricia S.